sound clips / music for dramatic scenes

Drama Music


Old Days

181 seconds

Sweet Reunion

88 seconds199 bpm

Timid Strings

76 seconds179 bpm

The Light Of Dawn

122 seconds165 bpm

Lonesome Reflection

156 seconds146 bpm

Rainy Thoughts

97 seconds145 bpm

Hard Decisions

124 seconds151 bpm

Forgive Me

139 seconds188 bpm

Solemn State

83 seconds134 bpm

Celestial Calmness

163 seconds167 bpm

The Bench

124 seconds191 bpm

The Bench_Shortened

117 seconds191 bpm

The Bench_No Suspense

124 seconds191 bpm


140 seconds183 bpm

Lost and Betrayed

50 seconds197 bpm

Read the Letter

93 seconds184 bpm

She is My Momma After All

31 seconds173 bpm

What Have You Done With My Baby

41 seconds145 bpm

Time Did Not Stop

73 seconds183 bpm

Let go but don't forget

64 seconds178 bpm

Farewell Video

204 seconds178 bpm

Julian and Brandon

72 seconds196 bpm

Finding Peace

101 seconds145 bpm

Empty Hands

204 seconds178 bpm

Bittersweet Memories

72 seconds196 bpm


53 seconds194 bpm

Parking Lot Brawl

60 seconds176 bpm

SOS (opening)

42 seconds180 bpm


101 seconds199 bpm


62 seconds178 bpm